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Kirsty Laing Civil Marriage Celebrant - Heart N Soul Ceremonies - Midginbil Hill wedding ceremony. Image by 'The White Tree'

YOUR   Wedding Ceremony

How do YOU want  your ceremony to look, feel and be remembered?​

A lot of couples don't really know what they want when we first chat...And that is where I can certainly help!

With my years of experience marrying countless (fabulous) couples, I will guide you along every step of the way as together, we create a personalised ceremony truly representing who you are as individuals and as a couple! I'm totally open to hearing any ideas you may have - and I'll share lots of examples with you of things I've included in the past. The only part of the ceremony we need to include are a few minutes of legalities - the rest is yours to run with!

What does my fee include?

  • A meeting with me to plan and discuss your ceremony in person. This can take place at my home or yours, or at a cafe/bar etc...If you're not local we can also meet via Skype/Facetime.

  • Unlimited email/phone communication to create your ceremony.

  • Your own personalised ceremony delivered with a whole lotta LOVE on your wedding day.

  • One wedding rehearsal (optional - but I do think they're a good idea).

  • A marriage certificate for you to take home on the day.

  • Completion and lodgement all of the required documents relating to your marriage.

  • Portable P.A (if required).

Kirsty Laing Civil Marriage Celebrant - Heart N Soul Ceremonies - Broken Head sunrise elopement ceremony. Photo by Ronnie G

After something Incredibly Intimate or Super Simple?  

Sounds like you're ready to Elope!

Elopements are my favourite!!!

Soooo relaxed and sincere. Just you and the person you are choosing to marry...what could be more romantic!?

And as this style of ceremony doesn't involve many people (max of 10 guests) - your location options are as big as your imagination! 

What's your style/passion? Standing by a waterfall; rocking out at a Music Festival; Sunrise at your favourite beach etc...

Think about a place that will add to the magic of the experience for you and your partner.

Kirsty Laing Civil Marriage Celebrant - Heart N Soul Ceremonies - Broken Head sunrise surfing wedding ceremony

Even more simple?

Let's just do the 'Legals'!

This is the bare minimum. But you can still make it special!

There are 124 magic words which make a marriage legal. 

We will say these, we will sign on dotted lines & VOILA you're happily married!

This can be done anywhere (in the country) at anytime of day - at your favourite cafe or bar, watching the sunrise or sunset - so much choice & soooooooo STRESS FREE! 

PLUS - doing just the legals with me is cheaper than attending a registry office. 

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